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符合道德操守執業 Ethical Practice

  • 完成認可的表達藝術治療訓練遵守國際表達藝術治療協會制定的表達藝術治療師和表達藝術顧問/教育工作者之專業守則,在專業督導下執業


  • 購買專業責任保險


  • 重視國際表達藝術治療協會註冊表達藝術治療師或表達藝術顧問/教育工作者的專業資格


  • 支持正規培訓督導


訓練員 - 註冊表達藝術治療師或



督導員 - 註冊表達藝術治療師或表達藝術顧問/



  • 專重不同專業、文化族群,鼓勵跨界別協作

  • Complete credential training in expressive arts therapy and deliver supervised practice in accordance with the code of ethics of REAT/REACE of IEATA.


  • Purchase professional indemnity insurance.


  • Value the professional registration as a REAT® /REACT with IEATA.


  • Support proper training and supervision.

      Trainer        -  REAT®/REACT 

      Supervisor  -  REAT®/REACT with training in

                               professional/clinical supervision


  • Respect different professions, cultures and ethnicity. Encourage cross-sectional collaboration.


Be a conscious and reflective professional!

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