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關於我們 About Us

香港表達藝術治療協會 (簡稱 EATA HK) 於2012年成立,是一個非牟利的專業團體。本會支持本地表達藝術治療師、藝術家、社會工作者、教育工作者和其他運用多元/跨媒體人士,綜合使用表達藝術的過程,以達至治癒、增進個人成長和社會轉化。

國際表達藝術治療協會訂立 表達藝術的定義是結合視覺藝術、舞動、戲劇、音樂、寫作和其他的創意手法,深化個人成長和社區發展


EATA HK is a non-profit, professional organization founded in 2012. We support expressive arts therapists, artists, social workers, educators and others using multimodal/intermodal arts processes in an integrated way to promote healing, personal growth and social transformation.

As defined by IEATA, the expressive arts is to combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development.

We encourage an evolving multimodal/intermodal approach within psychology, social work practice, counseling, organizational development, community arts and education. By integrating the arts processes and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, self-awareness and creativity.


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