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【表達藝術治療日2019 講者及工作坊介紹
【the Expressive Arts Therapy Day 2019:

    An overview of presenters and abstracts

  上午工作坊 Morning Workshop

1) MESSSSY PLAY: An Outcry against OCD! 

Ms. Carol YEW (Registered Clinical Psychologist, REAT), Ms Meko NG (REAT)


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a form of debilitating mental illness. Individuals with OCD suffer from relentless, anxiety-provoking intrusive thoughts that are often irrational and uncontrollable. To rid their minds of such thoughts, some engage in repetitive rituals, or compulsive behaviors such as repeated checking, hand-washing etc., to neutralize their obsessive thoughts.

You may or may not have full-blown OCD, but it was once theorized that all individuals have a certain extent of OC tendency, commonly predisposed by a perfectionistic personality trait originating from childhood. Do you stress over things that are not placed symmetrically? Do you feel an urge to photocopy the same document again if the copier has creased your previous copy? Would you feel uneasy if someone asks you to draw a straight line but you have no ruler with you? And would you feel a tiny bit of anxiety if your body is covered in messy, wet paint? This is because school, family and society has taught us that cleanliness, order and tidiness are socially acceptable norms that we should follow and pursue. Hence if something is imperfect, perfect it, rectify it, fix it.
In this workshop, participants will be given a safe space to challenge such norms and step out of their comfort zones, just a little, and only as they are ready. Based on a rationale similar to exposure therapy, we will engage in messy play using visual arts, mixed media, music, and body movement. Imagine a dance-off with your OC tendency! Come get messy and free your body and mind from perfection!

講者簡介 Profile

Carol is a registered expressive arts therapist and registered clinical psychologist. She has more than ten years of clinical experience and is currently working under the Psychological Services Group of the Hong Kong Police. She was initially trained in clinical psychology and evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, but for many years in her encounter with clients she felt something was missing. Knowing the expressive arts, and reclaiming her own inner artist was a pivotal point in her career. To her, “expressive arts” + “therapy” is like “coming home”. Now she integrates the use of microskills, cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology and person-centered expressive arts therapy in her work in both counselling and training.

Meko is a registered expressive arts therapist and registered social worker. She currently works in a multi-purpose crisis intervention centre, and has worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence for over ten years. Bearing in mind that the “being” is the most important in person-centered expressive arts therapy, she tries her best to upkeep and uphold this in her clinical work.


2) LEGO為本表達藝術治療:擴闊遊玩範圍和建構存在意義

鄺文傑先生(註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師)Mr. Aleck KWONG (AThR)


有研究指出,積木創作有助表達和溝通並有效改善情緒;而日本有一個 心理學概念叫「居場所」(Ibasho),它的本義為一個人所身處的地方,後來 在心理學上引申為清楚角色、真誠做自己、紓緩、獲接納的感覺,有研究發現 集體 LEGO(樂高積木)創作有效提升青少年的居場所感,尤其於確立身分與責任。本工作坊將透過三個個案分享,包括一位患 ADHD 及情緒問題的小學生, 一班即將面對 HKDSE 的中學生,以及一班成年愛滋病感染者,講解如何將LEGO 創作結合不同的藝術形式(如繪畫、唱作和戲劇)和心理治療理論,以幫 助處於不同人生階段的人擴闊遊玩範圍,建構存在意義,從而提升創意及身心 健康。參加者將有機會親身體驗 LEGO 創作,並能將經驗結連到個案分享,掌 握理論與實務。

講者簡介 Profile


3) 「中國書畫」與「我的喜.怒.哀」

​張逸莉小姐(註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師)Ms. Yat Lee Jelly CHEUNG (AThR)


當以柔軟的筆尖書寫時,身體、頭腦與字型的互動,可以激活參加者的感知及舒 緩情緒, 透過調節生理節奏及增強認知能力,改善身心健康。在書寫的過程中,他們會感受並看到每位參加者的作品及情緒都有所不同,就算情緒相同,其原因亦各異。所以他們會體會從不同角度看待事情、了解及欣 賞每個人都是獨一無二的。參與者以藝術創作為共同語言,讓情緒與思想於藝術作品展現出來。

講者簡介 Profile

4) 拉闊藝術:與傷健共行表達藝術治療之路

黃樂之小姐(註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師) Ms. Jocelyn WONG (AThR)


在香港社會,肢體及智能障礙人士在生活上經常會遇到很多限制和歧視,心靈承受的壓力往往非常沉重和影響他們的生活質素,照顧者在照顧他們的過程中也會遇到吃力的地方。我們希望與他們透過不同的藝術經驗,擴闊他們對生活框架的看法,與他們同走藝術之路的同時,一起放鬆和享受與人同行的力量。在創作當中讓他們有機會以藝術作為媒界和器皿,透過過程好好理解、整理自己的情緒和想法,探索自己的內在資源和可能性甚至轉化,也讓照顧者在當中得到鼓勵和情緒上的支援 。

講者簡介 Profile

註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師, 澳洲 紐西蘭及亞洲創意藝術治療協會

• 香港大學 表達藝術治療碩士

• 澳洲昆士蘭大學 文學士 (主修認知腦神經心理學及音樂)

• 香港表達藝術治療協會專業會員

黃樂之女士 / Jocelyn 現為註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師及音樂教育工作者,曾為特殊教育學童的藝術工作者及幼兒音樂導師,具有藝術及音樂小組的帶領經驗。Jocelyn同時為音樂創作及教育工作者,曾為音樂劇編寫樂曲及演出,在過程中將藝術創作融入生活,成為表達情感的途徑,與此同時,她希望透過表達藝術治療,與人同行,以藝術作為表達和溝通的橋樑。Jocelyn過去曾為有特殊學習需要的學童、 受情緒及壓力困擾的青少年、智障人士、聽障人士、精神復康者、住院老人及家屬提供個人及小組形式的表達藝術治療服務,現時亦積極與不同機構合作提供服務。



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