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Wong Lok Chi, Jocelyn 黃樂之


Professional Title 專業資格 | AThR [Registered Arts Therapist /  註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師 ]
Membership Number 會員號碼 | 46961364
Issuing Authority/Training Institute 簽發機構/培訓機構 |  ANZACATA  (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association) 

Academic Qualification 學歷 | 

  • 香港大學 表達藝術治療碩士

  • 澳洲昆士蘭大學 文學士 (主修認知腦神經心理學及音樂)


Expertise 專長| Working experience  工作經驗 | 

  • 黃樂之女士 / Jocelyn 曾為特殊教育學童的藝術工作者及幼兒音樂導師,具有藝術及音樂小組的帶領經驗,亦曾經於香港中文大學協助有關教育心心理學的研究工作。Jocelyn同時為音樂創作及教育工作者,曾為音樂劇編寫樂曲及演出,在過程中將藝術創作融入生活,成為表達情感的途徑,與此同時, 她希望透過表達藝術治療,與人同行,以藝術作為表達和溝通的橋樑。Jocelyn過去曾為有特殊學習需要的學童、 受情緒及壓力困擾的青少年、智障人士、聽障人士、精神復康者、住院老人及家屬提供個人及小組形式的表達藝術治療服務,現時亦積極與不同機構合作提供服務。

    Jocelyn is a registered Arts Therapist (AThR) and a musician, who is actively participating in music education, composition, arrangement and performance, and assisting Psychology research at University. She is experienced in teaching and holding arts groups for young children with special education needs. Besides, she took part in music compositions and arrangement in dramas and musical. Jocelyn believes that Arts could be used to express oneself and to make connections with others. Jocelyn practices Expressive Arts Therapy with populations including SEN children and adolescents, Cross-generation relationship, children and adolescents with intellectual disability, stress and emotional problems, mental rehabilitation individuals, hearing-impaired individuals, Elderly with dementia and emotional problems and their carers. Jocelyn is currently working with different NGOs to promote Expressive Arts Therapy and to provide services to different populations.


Contact Info 聯絡方法 |

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