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Concrete Wall

Who We Are

Organizational Structure 

張文茵博士 Dr. Fiona Chang     

創會主席及榮譽顧問 Founding Chairperson & Honorary Advisor:                           



榮譽顧問 Honorary Advisors:

Anin Utigaard 

Professor Rainbow Tin Hung Ho

Jack. S. Weller

(extended posthumously)

* 排名以英文名稱字母順序排列
* In alphabetical order

REAT®, R.S.W., Certified Supervisor (ACA)

Part-time Lecturer, 

Social Work Department, 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong

Faculty, Person-Centered Expressive Arts

註冊表達藝術治療師 REAT®,

婚姻及家庭治療師 MFT

國際表達藝術治療協會共同創辦人Founding Co-chair of IEATA

Associate Dean (Postgraduate Education), Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor, Department of Social Work & Social Administration
Director, Centre on Behavioral Health
Director, Master of Expressive Arts Therapy Program
The University of Hong Kong

Founding Co-chair of IEATA

Former Rudolph Schaeffer Professor of Arts & Creativity at the California Institute of Integral Studies

Our Committee 

執行委員會 Executive Members

陳怡成先生    Mr. Chan Yi Shing, Eason

洪凱兒小姐    Miss Hung Hoi Yi, Phoebe

李小敏小姐    Miss Lee Siu Man, Angie

委員 Committee Members

陳婷曦小姐    Miss Chan Ting Hai, Janella

陳煥婷小姐    Miss Chan Woon Ting, Claudia

陳玉琪小姐    Miss Chan Yuk Ki, Eunice

陳美心小姐    Miss Chen Mei Sum, Hannah

范薏筠小姐    Miss Fan Yee Kwan, Morgan

關歡頴小姐    Miss Kwan Foon Wing, Kitty

顏智懿小姐    Miss Ngan Chi Yee

吳興芳小姐    Miss Ng Hing Fong, Sharon

彭康晴小姐    Miss Pang Hong Ching, Ruby

湯嘉敏小姐    Miss Tong Ka Man, Carmen

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