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培訓及分享會 Training and Sharing session

EATAHK 專業培訓 -「亂玩又如何!」表達藝術治療工作坊


今年的表達藝術治療專業培訓將於 2020年1月4號 舉行MESSY PLAY: An Outcry against OCD! 「亂玩又如何!」表達藝術治療工作坊 CONFERENCE WORKSHOP RE-RUN,詳情如下:


日期: 4/1/2020(六)   上午10:00am – 下午1:00pm

地點:石硤尾白田街30號 賽馬會創意藝術中心 L205-208 E室

講者:MEKO NG (註冊表達藝術治療師)


人數:20人,先到先得 (*參加者將獲得出席證書)




內容  Summary:


強迫症 (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,簡稱 OCD) 是一種很痛苦的精神病。患者往往受一些強迫的思想及/或行為所困擾,以致日常生活受到嚴重的阻礙。常見的強迫行為包括重複的檢查、洗手等行為。






Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a form of debilitating mental illness. Individuals with OCD suffer from relentless, anxiety-provoking intrusive thoughts that are often irrational and uncontrollable. To rid their minds of such thoughts, some engage in repetitive rituals, or compulsive behaviors such as repeated checking, hand-washing etc., to neutralize their obsessive thoughts.


You may or may not have full-blown OCD, but it was once theorized that all individuals have a certain extent of OC tendency, commonly predisposed by a perfectionistic personality trait originating from childhood. Do you stress over things that are not placed symmetrically? Do you feel an urge to photocopy the same document again if the copier has creased your previous copy? Would you feel uneasy if someone asks you to draw a straight line but you have no ruler with you? And would you feel a tiny bit of anxiety if your body is covered in messy, wet paint? This is because school, family and society has taught us that cleanliness, order and tidiness are socially acceptable norms that we should follow and pursue. Hence if something is imperfect, perfect it, rectify it, fix it.


In this workshop, participants will be given a safe space to challenge such norms and step out of their comfort zones, just a little, and only as they are ready. Based on a rationale similar to exposure therapy, we will engage in messy play using visual arts, mixed media, music, and body movement. Imagine a dance-off with your OC tendency! Come get messy and free your body and mind from perfection!




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