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Ng Pui-wah, Meko 伍佩華

Professional Title 專業資格


Issuing Authority/Training Institute 簽發機構/培訓機構

IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association)

Registration Number 註冊號碼


Contact Number & Address 聯絡電話及地址


Email 電郵


Website 網址
Social Media 社交媒體


Academic Qualification 學歷
  • Three-Year Training Program in Expressive Arts Therapy: The Person-Centered Approach, CBH,

  • HKU Master of Social Science (Social Work), CUHK

  • 香港大學行為健康教研中心:人本表達藝術治療三年訓練課程

  • 香港中文大學社會科學(社會工作)碩士

Expertise 專長
  • work with adult survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and dating violence for over fifteen years -practice person-centered expressive arts therapy in different settings with diverse clientele, including survivors of sexual violence, children and youth witness of domestic violence, people with social anxiety and mood disorders, patients with chronic illness and their carers, elders with mental health challenge, HIV orphans in Cambodia, children and women affected by human trafficking in Nepal, youth at risk and volunteers -provide clinical supervision and expressive arts trainings to local and overseas helping professionals

  • 服務受性暴力、親密伴侶暴力及戀愛暴力影響的成年倖存者超過十五年 -曾於不同單位應用人本表達藝術治療,服務對象包括受性暴力影響的倖存者、目睹家庭暴力的兒童及青少年、受社交焦慮影響的群組、受長期病患影響的病人及其家屬、精神健康具備挑戰的長者、柬埔寨的愛滋病患孤兒、尼泊爾受人口販賣影響的婦女及兒童、外展青年及義工 -提供臨床督導、表達藝術訓練予本地及海外的助人專業

Working experience 工作經驗


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