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Chow Man Kit, Keith

Professional Title 專業資格

AThR, Registered Arts Therapist 註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師

Issuing Authority/Training Institute 簽發機構/培訓機構

ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association)

Registration Number 註冊號碼


Contact Number & Address 聯絡電話及地址

(852) 6848 6095

Email 電郵
Website 網址
Social Media 社交媒體

Facebook: hkexat

Academic Qualification 學歷
  • Master of Expressive Arts Therapy [Distinction] (University of Hong Kong)

  • Bachelor Degree, Psychology and Social Behavior (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Expertise 專長
  • Individuals with ASD and Special Needs

  • Children

  • 自閉症及特殊需要人仕

  • 兒童

Working experience 工作經驗
  • Has worked with Individuals with Special Needs (e.g. ASD) and Children since 2010.

  • Has provided individual/ group sessions and workshops of Expressive Arts Therapy, Behavioral Therapy (ABA), or integrated both approaches interventions to individuals with SEN at various settings, such as international schools, local schools, and sheltered workshop etc.

  • Has provided Expressive Arts Therapy services to a wide variety of service users with different needs, such as individuals with mental illness, adolescents with emotion and drug issue, grieving individuals, elderly with dementia etc.

  • 註冊藝術(表達藝術)治療師 / Registered Arts Therapist

  • 藝術老師 (特殊學習需要學童) / Art Teacher (For Children with Special Needs)

  • 應用行為分析導師(ABA)/ Applied Behavior Analysis Teacher (ABA)

  • 香港表達藝術治療服務中心創辦人 / Founder of Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center

  • 現任國際表達藝術治療協會委員/ Committee Member  (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association [IEATA])

  • 具多年與特殊需要人士 (如自閉症患者) 及兒童的工作經驗

  • 致力於國際學校、本地學校及社區工場等提供表達藝術治療及行為治療(ABA)或融合兩者的個別治療、小組治療及工作坊服務

  • 亦為精神病患者及康復者、哀傷成年與青年、情緒困擾青年、認知障礙長者等不同人士與社群提供表達藝術治療服

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