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Expressive Arts Therapy


What expressive arts therapy
What is REAT 甚麼是註冊表達藝術治療師

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts Therapy is a mindful use of different art modalities and creative processes in an integrated way to foster personal growth and advocate for social change. In the creative healing process, our body, mind and spirit are connected. 


We encourage an evolving multimodal/intermodal approach within psychology, social work practice, counseling, organizational development, community arts and education. We gain access to our inner resources for healing, self-awareness and creativity in the expressive arts process, individually and collectively. 




What is REAT® - Registered Expressive Arts Therapist?

Expressive Arts Therapist (EXAT) refers to those who completed systematic expressive arts therapy training and use expressive arts in therapy (mostly psychotherapy). Potential candidates can apply for registration through the following organizations:

(1) International Expressive Arts Therapy Association(IEATA®)  or

(2) Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association(ANZACATA).


To become a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT® or  AThR), applicants must meet the rigorous criteria set by the IEATA® or ANZACATA in education and experience that demonstrate competencies in expressive arts therapy. Applicants must agree to abide by the REAT® code of ethics of IEATA® or the standards of professional practice and the Code of Ethics of ANZACATA.  

表達藝術治療師  是指已完成有系統的表達藝術治療訓練及在治療中使用表達藝術的人士(大部份為心理治療)。現時香港可以透過以下兩個專業協會申請成為註冊表達藝術治療師:



For details, please visit the following websites:

What is REACE

What is REACE® - Registered Expressive Arts Consultant / Educator?  

Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator (REACE®) refers to those who use expressive arts in education, organizational development, the healthcare sector and more. To become a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator REACE®, applicants must have formal training or acquire experience by applying their skills in work situations. IEATA® requires applicants to produce document education, work experience, expressive arts training, personal and professional competency as a REACE®. Applicant must agree to abide by the REACE® Code of Ethics of IEATA®.

表達藝術顧問/教育工作者指在教育、組織發展、醫療和其他範疇使用表達藝術的人士。欲成為註冊表達藝術顧問/教育工作者(REACE®) ,申請者須接受正規訓練和擁有相關的應用經驗,國際表達藝術治療協會要求申請者提供能夠擔當表達藝術顧問/教育工作之學歷、工作經驗、表達藝術的培訓紀錄及個人和專業能力等証明,申請者必順遵守國際表達藝術治療協會註冊表達藝術顧問/教育工作者的道德操守。


For details, please go to this link at

Ethical Practice

Ethical Practice

Get to Know Us

  • Complete credential training in expressive arts therapy and deliver supervised practice in accordance with the code of ethics of the professional association.

  • Purchase professional indemnity insurance.

  • Value the professional registration as a REAT® /REACE® with IEATA.

  • Support proper training and supervision.     
    Trainer        -  REAT®/AThR/REACE®
    Supervisor  -  REAT®/AThR/REACE® with training in professional/clinical supervision

  • Respect different professions, cultures and ethnicity. Encourage cross-sectional collaboration.

  • 完成認可的表達藝術治療/表達藝術訓練,遵守專業協會制定的專業守則,在專業督導下執業。

  • 購買專業責任保險。

  • 重視國際表達藝術治療協會註冊表達藝術治療師/ 註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師/註冊表達藝術顧問或教育工作者的專業資格。

  • 支持正規培訓及督導。
    訓練員 - 註冊表達藝術治療師/註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師/ 或表達藝術顧問/教育工作
    督導員 - 註冊表達藝術治療師/註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師/ 表達藝術顧問或教育工作者,並完成專業/臨床督導訓練 

  • 專重不同專業、文化和族群,鼓勵跨界別協作。

Be a conscious and reflective professional!


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