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Kwong Man Kit, Aleck

Professional Title 專業資格

REAT®, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist 註冊表達藝術治療師

AThR, Registered Arts Therapist 註冊藝術 (表達藝術) 治療師

Issuing Authority/Training Institute 簽發機構/培訓機構

IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association)

ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association)

Registration Number 註冊號碼

REAT®: 2125
AThR: 46961412

Contact Number & Address 聯絡電話及地址

9786 5252 (Phone/WhatsApp)

Email 電郵
Website 網址
Social Media 社交媒體

Facebook & Instagram: aleck.kwong.therapy

Academic Qualification 學歷
  • Master of Expressive Arts Therapy, The University of Hong Kong

  • Austin Vocal Psychotherapist (AVPT)

  • Diploma in Creative Approaches to Supervision

  • Arts-Based Eco-Therapy Certificate

  • B.Sc. in Quantitative Finance

  • 香港大學表達藝術治療碩士

  • Austin聲樂心理治療師

  • 創意手法督導文憑

  • 藝術為本生態治療證書

  • 計量金融理學士

Expertise 專長
  • Song-writing

  • Exploring dreams through expressive arts

  • Integrating Japanese aesthetics into expressive arts therapy (tea ceremony, flower arrangements, haiku, etc.)

  • LEGO-based expressive arts therapy

  • 唱作

  • 藝術解夢

  • 結合日本美學的表達藝術治療(茶道、插花、俳句等)

  • 以LEGO為本表達藝術治療

Working experience 工作經驗
  • Over 7 years of clinical experience

  • Mainly works with adolescents and adults with special educational needs (SEN), emotional distress, addictive behaviors, and traumatic experiences, as well as cancer patients, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, people living with HIV/AIDS, and caregivers; Also offers staff retreats for corporations and NGOs.

  • Board Member, Chair of the 15th International Conference, and Rising Star Awardee of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

  • Teaches at universities and expressive arts therapy programs; Actively presents at international conferences and publishes in international academic journals

  • 擁有超過七年臨床經驗

  • 服務對象主要包括有特殊教育需要、情緒困擾、成癮行為或創傷經驗的青少年及成年人、癌友、少數族裔、性小眾、愛滋病病毒感染者及照顧者,亦為商業機構及社福機構提供員工退修

  • 國際表達藝術治療協會董事會成員、第十五屆國際研討會主席及Rising Star得主

  • 於大學及表達藝術治療課程擔任講師,並積極於國際研討會演講及於國際學術期刊發表文章

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